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Adding Income Property to Your Portfolio

Chico has an amazing rental market. It is a unique Northern California city in terms of its income property opportunities. Obviously there is the general college rental market but you will also find many graduate students looking for something a little quieter and willing to pay more. Enloe Medical Center attracts hundreds of professionals and many are interested in renting until they get settled in Chico. These are just a few examples of the diverse tenant clientele you will find here.

Purchasing income property is not like purchasing your primary home. You need a Real Estate Broker who understands that investors buy property for different reasons and those reasons are that the numbers work.

If your agent or broker doesn’t understand the math of property investing, the tax write-offs, and the potential for long term gain, it is to your best interest to find one who does.

John is a Residential Property Manager (managing exclusively for buyer clients) and a “Certified Investor Agent Specialist”. He makes it his business to find the opportunities and define multiple investment scenarios, bring those opportunities to you for your consideration. Our goal is to help build your real estate portfolio and be an integral part throughout its growth.

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